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  • BONUSTESTER : However, this chat "sux" so I'll probably kill it, and drive chat traffic to the better chatroom available on the forum side of this website. RK
  • BONUSTESTER : If this posts, it proves a new auto-registered account can participate in this chat..... (Does it?)
  • Ravi Tester : This message is a test to see if I can auto-register and post a chat message.... (If it shows, the test succeeded, even under the 'tense' conditions of the security software).
  • sme26 : Hey everybody, check out the forum, which is soon to be completely configured. Try it out yourself
  • webmaster : Getting close to having everything set-up on this whole domain. Watch this space for updates...
  • SME26 : Welcome to "Chapter Chat" hosted by SME Toronto Chapter 26. Enjoy!

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